Are you childfree by choice and green by nature? Then this blog’s for you. (Read the “welcome” post.) Not having kids is far and away the biggest green step any average individual can take — and that’s just one of the many upsides of kid-free living. This blog will explore a wide range of those upsides, green and otherwise.

If you’re undecided about the whole kid thing, you’re welcome here too — I hope you’ll find some ideas worth considering as you ponder the possibility of parenthood, and if you still ultimately decide to have a sprog or two, hey, at least you’ll have more insight and fewer misconceptions about your childfree friends.

If you’ve ended up kid-less without really meaning to, there’s good stuff for you here as well. Society at large can make it seem like parents have it all and us non-parents get the shaft. Au contraire. Life without kids has oodles of positive aspects. Embrace it!

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The GINK acronym and concept were first introduced at environmental news site Grist.org. I wrote a number of other GINKy posts at Grist before deciding to spin the whole shebang off into a stand-alone blog. Here are a few of them:

If you’d like to follow my non-GINKy endeavors, here’s my blog at Grist and my personal/professional Twitter account and my Google+ profile.


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  2. I’m fascinated to stumble across this blog. I read your manifesto at Grist. I’ve even referenced your statement in an article I’ve written for Utne Reader. This week, you can find me at the RoleReboot website (rebooting the roles society tells us we’re “supposed” to play/want). My article’s the one plastered across the Home page “Motherhood is Not for Every Woman.” It seems that moms don’t usually take a stand for the childfree. My inspiration is my teenage daughter. This world needs a cultural shift, and I’m here to amplify the discussion.

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