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Condoms used as instruments make a catchy tune

Love this — the PSA that should have been. This music video with a “use condoms” message was made for Swedish sexual-health group RFSU but not actually used. The song’s so infectious! How could they resist?


Put a stop to child porn! Or: Get those kids out of my shelter mags

shelter porn: n. Images and text that glorify or fetishize high-end architecture, home furnishings, and interior design

Why do modern shelter-porn mags (ahem, Dwell, ahem) have so many damn kids in their pages? It’s like every hipster couple undertaking a tin-and-plywood remodel of their brownstone has at least two urchins underfoot.

Keep the trikes off those burnished concrete floors. Spare me the Marimekko-inspired prints. For god’s sake, no more cleverly constructed bunk beds. I’ll take my stark interiors straight up, please, no kids sloshing about inside.

Dwell, kids biking in house

Dwell, kids playing

Dwell, kids in bath

Dwell, kids on floating bed

Dwell, girl in chair

Dwell, kids outside

Dwell, girl on bed

Dwell, kids and bunk bed

Republicans, get in my vagina!

The latest from Funny or Die: Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer, and Andrea Savage “spread” the message that the one thing women really want in their vaginas is the government.

If you weren’t happy enough already to be childfree …

… this cover would push you over the edge. Not only do we get to sit out parenthood and breastfeeding; we also get to sit out the “Mommy Wars.”

Time magazine cover of mom breastfeeding large boy

Happy Non-Mother’s Day!

Enjoy doing whatever you damn well please today, safe in the knowledge that no one will assault you with hideous handmade cards that you have to pretend to love. Instead, I send this card out to all the childfree ladies:

"Why You Don't Want to Be a Mother" card

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